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A fashion model with big aspirations

By: Lerato Moteane

Wearing fashionable clothes and taking photographs is what he enjoys doing. Khali Moloi (28) from Spruitview ,is a graduate,who studied at the University of Venda and grew a passion in being a fashion model. He loves being in front of the camera and there is nothing that gives him joy more than that.

It all began when he randomly took pictures with his phone and shared them on his social media pages. Khali says “The response that I’ve received from people IS overwhelming; also being a fashion model took off when my friend bought a camera and asked if I could model for him and I was very keen. I must say that I love each and every moment I spend on posing for pictures.”

Having studied civil engineering, Khali doesn’t abandon the fact that he has a degree and still going to make use of it. “Right now, I enjoy the space of being a fashion model, and I’m grateful there’s something to fall back on when deciding different direction in life,” he said.

A proud father of two says, he want to lead his kids by example while doing what he loves. “I don’t want my kids to ever regret not making decisions that will make them happy. Whatever their desires are or career path that they choose to take, I will make sure toI support them fully as long as it makes them happy. In everything that I do, I owe it to them,” Khali said.

Looking good and posing for pictures isn’t the only thing that he does; he is also a motivational speaker giving talks to the youth. “I want to be able to inspire young people and be a role model to them. I’ve noticed that young people especially from the townships they lack direction and need that certain person who is going to lead them to the right path. I happen to be the person that they can turn to, even though I’m not perfect myself,” he says.

Being a fashion model doesn’t end here for him , he has bigger plans for life and One of them includes being a brand ambassador for one of the well-known brands. He adds “I want to be on billboards and be known not only as Khali but as a brand ambassodor. He urges people to be on the lookout as he is about to be the next big thing.

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