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A graduate broadens her horizons

By: Lerato Moteane“While there’s no luck of getting a job, Nobuhle decided to turn tables by creating employment for herself”

Nomsa Mbatha (23) from Spruitview, is a recent graduate who makes ends meet by doing people’s hair. She studied Bcom Accounting at the University of Johannesburg, but having the qualification didn’t stop her from finding means of surviving so that she can put food on the table. Nomsa still believes that her dream of being an Accountant will come true, even though she had no luck of finding employment.

Being a hairdresser is what she enjoys, and seeing a smile on clients’ faces gives her joy. She says,graduates often limit their job searches to what they studied only. “You’ll find a graduate sitting at home merely because they want to find work for what they have studied for, whereas there’s an option of getting a temporary job, or doing something to keep yourself busy while you apply for ideal job,” Nomsa said.

Social media and word-of-mouth are her biggest drive to get clients. Nomsa says, “I’ve been fortunate enough because every week I get clients and when I see that my hands are full a friend of mine is able to help me.” She says, keeping herself busy and doing people’s hair is therapeutic for her, as it keeps her from overthinking and feeling sorry for herself.

She describes herself as a go-getter, who doesn’t wait for things to happen. “I have always been a hustler, and I took that from my late grandmother who had a mini-spaza shop at home. I would sometimes help her run the business, and being that businessperson kind of rubbed off of me, because I’m also business-minded,” she said. Nomsa adds, even though she’s a qualified Accountant, she has plans of opening her own business one day.

She draws inspiration from the likes of Sibusiso Ngwenya, founder of Skinny Sbu Socks; and Theo Baloyi who is the founder of Bathu shoes. “I want to someday be in that level of having a well-known brand and being a brand myself, or even become more,” she said. She urges young people to grab each and every opportunity that comes their way with both hands and to not limit themselves.

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