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Persevering on a weight-loss journey

By: Lerato Moteane

Losing weight is never an easy thing to do, especially when there are temptations of food in your home. Njabulo Nkosi (23) from Katlehong has been on a weight-loss journey, it started with how he looked at himself. He took it upon himself to work on his image and he is happy with the results so far even though the journey continues.

Njabulo says, I was a couch potato who would spend the whole day indoors, as long as the was what i needs. “I would literally be on a couch the whole day, either watching movies or playing video games, and obviously have food beside me,” he said.

There was a time where his excessive love for food started to become an issue as it interfered his studies. He said “I would sometimes be in class but my mind would not be there and my stomach would be grumbling, because of constant routine of being fed. His concentration would take a shift in class and performance .

Njabulo was not pleased at how things were unfolding for him,so he had to look for ways to regain his self-confidence. Instead of letting obesity to take over his life, Njabulo decided to go on a weight-loss journey. He started eating healthier as he used to junk food more often.He also started eating lesser portions of food,taking walks and also decided to join the gym.

His two siblings are gym fanatics and he drew inspiration from them. “My brother and sister have been going to the gym for the longest time so I was the odd one out.” I asked myself how they do it because going to the gym needs consistency, So instead of having to wonder I decided to join them one day when they went for their gym session, and I never stopped,” he said. He loves the feeling he gets when working out, and it was never easy at first.

He had his fair share when it comes to body shaming,as he was being called names because of his weight. “People would think calling you names is amusing, but it actual destroys a person emotionally. I would like to advise people to stop body shaming others,because of what it can do, I’m speaking from experience,” Njabulo said. He goes to the gym as often and he want to be a personal trainer.

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