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Recycling has a new name in Kathorus: “Packa-Ching”

By Asiphe Mangumta

Packa-Ching is an initiative that was started by Polyco in helping the recycling industry and recyclers to improve and work more efficiently. The Non-profit organization works with sustaining the environment and also bringing employment to the people. Polyco is sponserd by shoprite and Sasol to introduce technology into the recycling business that is set to change the lives of recyclers for the better. The Initiative launched one of a kind recycling solution in Katlehong on the 31 january 2020. The initiative has brought more jobs and also introduced saving money rainny days in the community of Kathorus. The name of the initiative come from the packaging, which encourage people to come get money (which is the ching) out of the packaging hence it is called “Packa-Ching”.

The unit of Packa-Ching that was launched in kathehong is one of the 4th unit already running. Susatinability manager for shoprite Sanjeer Raghubir said, shoprite is commited into sustaining the environment, job creation and social wellbeing of its people, so the Packa-ching initiavite appealled to all those aspects hence they are part. “the whole idea of incetivising people appealled to shoprite and recently commited to making its packaging 100% recyclable and 30% recycled material by 2025”. The shoprite has commited for a long run with Polyco and packa-ching and confident that it will be a success.

The unit will be run by Tshepo Mazibuko who is the founder and managing director of K1 Recycling. The initiaving promotes separation at source from homes and also encourages children to start recycling at young age and save the landfills from being filled. The initiative will also involve schools by giving the material that will make them read,know more about recycling,its benefit and also educate their parents. Tshepo believe that packa-ching will improve the lives of the pickers and also create more jobs for the youth. “The aim is to make it work so we can have more trucks, create more jobs for the youth and also sustain the environment” Tshepo added. He also aims to bring the youth on board and shift the mindset of waste picking its for the poor, dirty and old.

Waste pickers were there to welcome their life changing trucks and also do their daily jobs. Teboho Ephraim Ramiki,was the first to weigh his recyclable material and he was happy with the amount of Rands compared to what he would have got from a scrapyards. He also adds , Packa-ching trucks can come to pick recyclables from home and weigh it there and then.

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